Are You Ready to Save on Gas Costs and CT Car Insurance?

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Gas prices continue to rise and rise in New England. The cost to drive from one place to the other seems to be getting ridiculous- between expensive gas, maintenance costs and CT car insurance. While the bills may seem endless, there are always ways to cut costs.

First, let’s tackle gas prices. Here are a few ways to save a buck here and there:

•    Take advantage of cruise control settings. This will keep a steady speed, saving you gas.

•    If possible, avoid charging your cell phone while driving. It should be charged at home!

•    Fill up your car first thing in the morning when gas is at its densest.

•    Car pool any chance you get.

•    If you are going over 40 mph, it is best to roll up the windows to avoid a drag.

•    Take the junk out of your trunk! It is weighing down your car.

•    Choose one day a week and bundle all your errands. It is much better to go out once then back and forth all week.

•    Avoid buying the expensive “premium” gas unless your car truly requires it.

•    Keep your tires properly inflated for the best mileage.

At The John M. Glover Agency, we want to see you save! Whether you are saving on gas prices or your CT car insurance premium, we are happy. Like gas, having car insurance is critical in order to have a smooth drive. There are a variety of coverage options you can choose from, including: collision, comprehensive, bodily injury liability, property damage liability and more. Be sure to ask about discounts that you may be eligible for- we guarantee you are bound to save!


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