Are You Looking to Save on Your Auto Insurance Quote in Connecticut?

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Ah, the New Year has arrived. How is your resolution coming along? Over the past few years, the majority of Americans have vowed to lose weight and improve their diets. However, with such a rough economy, something tells us that saving money is at the top of the resolution list! If you are attempting to save on insurance quotes in Connecticut this year, we have some advice to share. There are ALWAYS ways to save on your premium! Let’s start with auto…

Here are five easy ways to save on your auto insurance quote in Connecticut:

1.    Choose your car wisely. You may be eyeing that expensive luxury brand sports car, but is that practical for saving money? Sports cars come with greater risks than a low-profile car. Choosing a low profile car will most likely save you money on both gas AND your premium.

2.    Pay a higher deductible. By choosing a higher deductible, you will be paying more out of pocket when making a claim. However, it can cut your premium drastically! It all comes down the chance.

3.    Ask about discounts. There is literally a discount for everyone when it comes to auto insurance. Discounts may include: combination, good student, defensive driving, mature driver, association and group, low-mileage, safety and loyalty discounts.

4.    Avoid paying monthly. By paying a monthly bill, you are sure to have at least $3 tacked onto every statement, or even more. To avoid these fees, you should ask to pay every six months, at least.

5.    Combine coverage with the same company. Bundling your policies will always save on all your premiums. Bundling will not only save you money, but be a lot less confusing as well.

There are plenty of other ways to save on your auto insurance quote! Connecticut residents simply need to shop around and make mindful decisions.

Enjoy your New Year savings!


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