April is Alcohol Awareness Month!

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Alcohol Awareness Month aims to help those who find themselves facing an alcohol issue. It is also intended to educate the world about the scary consequences that stem from alcohol-related problems. As your CT car insurance provider, we cannot help but think about all the claims that stem from driving under the influence.

While many intoxicated drivers get away with a minor collision, the consequences can be much worse. In order to bring awareness to this issue, we have put together a list of consequences that can stem from such a careless mistake.

•    Possible jail time

•    Court costs and attorney fees

•    Loss of job

•    Loss of driving privileges

•    DUI on your record

•    Community service hours

•    Killing or injuring another person or yourself

•    Tarnished record

•    Towing fees

•    Increase in your CT car insurance

•    And much more…

As you can see, the consequences are endless. Nothing good ever comes out of driving under the influence.

So how will you spread the truth during Alcohol Awareness Month?


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