5 Discounts on Commercial Insurance Connecticut Residents Should Consider

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With insurance policies such as home and auto insurance,
there are well known ways to lower insurance premiums, such as installing
alarms in your home or car.

When it comes to commercial insurance, Connecticut residents
can be more in the dark when it comes to savings, as the discounts can
sometimes be less logical. Thankfully, The John M. Glover agency is here for

It turns out that there are a number of avenues you can take
in order to save money on your business insurance premiums!

How, you ask?

Well, here are 5 discounts on commercial insurance that any
Connecticut business owner can try:

  1. Location – Businesses in locations that are low in crime and
    close to a fire department usually have lower insurance premiums because of
    reduced risk.
  2. Experience – Making sure your business’s major employees are
    familiar with the type of business you are operating may mean lower insurance
  3. Claim History – If the insurance company sees that you and
    your business rarely make claims on your insurance, they may feel like your
    policy is not as risky as others.
  4. Work Environment – Businesses with a safe working
    environment are less likely to make claims.
  5. Employee Wellness – Healthy and happy employees are another
    flag that tells an insurance company that your company is less risky for
    commercial insurance claims!

So why don’t you speak with your agent today and see if you
can get a discount on your Connecticut commercial
due to any of these factors. Or, you can always learn more about
how to save
on commercial insurance

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