3 Reasons YOU Need Commercial Insurance Policies in Connecticut!

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As a business owner, you realize that it is crucial to look into commercial insurance. However, many owners will try to get away with the least amount possible. Yes, we realize that there are so many different types of commercial insurance policies in Connecticut, but each and every one is important in its own way! Your place of business may not need it all, but it needs more than just workers compensation.

Not convinced? Here are three reasons you should look into more commercial insurance policies:

#1: Protection from crime. This is especially important around this time of year! The holidays are a prime time for theft and crime, especially if you work in retail. Crime insurance will cover any theft, vandalism, loss of inventory and even employee embezzlement.

#2: Protection from lawsuits. With a liability policy, your company will not have to fear unexpected lawsuit costs or fees.

#3: Find reliable employees. If your company looks into a group benefits policy, you are sure to find the best employees. During the hiring process, many candidates will want to know more about your benefits package and company perks. By offering the best, you will be able to hire the best.

Of course, workers compensation and general liability are both extremely important policies, but do not forget about commercial property, commercial vehicle, commercial flood, errors and omissions, group benefits and more. Yes, your company will not need them all, but we can help you decide which ones!

With the proper commercial insurance policies, Connecticut business owners will not have to fear the risks that the company faces each and every day. Allow us to help you choose!


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